Full of light and bearing no architectural barriers, environmentally-friendly and also comfortable, warm and safe – this is the vision shared by most investors regarding their own homes, vision which can also be seen in the changes in the PVC carpentry profile design industry proposed by architects.

One of the solutions which satisfy the expectation of architects and clients who want to open doors towards nature is the lift-slide balcony door, colloquially referred to as HST door. Countless changes and improvements recently added to the system have transformed it into the most modern technical solution which ensures design freedom as well as a communication path between the inside of the home and the nearby environment. This product is gaining popularity for a long period of time, as seen not only from the increase in interested investor numbers but also from the sale increase of these systems.

Sadly, lots of manufacturers are still afraid to produce this type of system, using high prices and the risk of supporting costs associated with “manufacturing know-how” as reasons. This is the motive behind lots of changes in the design of HST door profiles which aim to increase thermic / insulation properties, as well as to ease the manufacturing process. New constructive solutions and additional elements used have significantly improved the manufacturing standard of HST doors, and manual siliconizing has been reduced to a minimum. Also, the mounting of aluskin aluminum plies has been facilitated through the elimination of intermediary mounting elements.