Our profile suppliers are some of the top manufacturers in Europe:

– ALUMIL Greece was founded in 1988, and is now well-known in 45 countries from Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and the USA. Alumil guarantees the quality of their products, holding all the certificates required by European regulations. Their products are market with the CE stamp.

– REYNAERS Belgium. The window literally represents an opening towards the world. Reynaers Aluminum supplies aluminum profiles for any type of project – from a classic and romantic design to a modern, strong one. Moreover, aluminum guarantees a stress-free life, being one of the most resistant and durable materials, which doesn’t require any kind of special maintenance. Reynaers takes great pride in the superior quality of their systems, offering a 10 year gurantee for the elements inside the window.


Despite their low weight, aluminum windows and doors boast exceptional quality. Because of their extreme hardness and their resistance, aluminum systems fulfil the highest anti-theft European standards. Aluminum is a metal. Thus, it does not absorb humidity and doesn’t bulge. It dilates when exposed to heat, but extremely powerful corner pieces ensures the profiles stick to their initial position, so none of these dilations will be visible.
What is the most important benefit? You won’t see any fissures or ruptures, not even after lots of years. All our suppliers which perform anodization hold the European QUALANOD quality stamp, and thus fulfil specific requirements regarding sealing, life expectancy, UV resistance and color chances, which all form the best guarantee for quality anodization.